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Veena was brilliant at working out what was disturbing my baby’s sleep when I felt I had tried everything! She helped me to put in place a routine that is gentle, effective and perfect for us. We are all sleeping well and I am so grateful for all of her advice and help.



Veena makes sleep something not to be dreaded but loved! She is always available for support and gently guides with obvious experience and knowledge. So thankful I can enjoy bed time and those peaceful hours that follow!



I cannot recommend Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep enough! After dealing with poor sleep for years with my first son I knew I needed help when I started seeing the same signs in my second bub. At only 5 weeks old Veena was able to identify why my baby was having the troubles he was and quickly came up with a plan to fix it. After only 5 days of starting our plan our bub is now going down in his cot awake and putting himself to sleep. Hes having long naps and sleeping up to 7 hr stretches at night. Veena was able to identify what MY baby needed which was vastly different to what generic sleep books and programs were recommending. This first year of our babies life is going to be so much more enjoyable now he is getting the rest he needs!



Highly recommend Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep. Extremely helpful advice and a great routine plan to follow. My premature baby would not sleep in the day and kept waking herself up but now she does thanks to Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep! 🙂



I couldn’t recommend Veena from Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep highly enough. She helped my back then 6 month old daughter to sleep through the night. Her hints, tips, tricks and tweaks here and there helped so much. She is my babies sleep fairy. Thank you so much for helping us and saving our sleep! Xx


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